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Web media kit

In 2015, received about 3 million visits and about 4.5 million page views, with 77% of our visitors coming from IP addresses outside of Iceland. The vast majority (about 1.1 million visits) were from North America, followed by Britain (about 300,000 visits) and then Germany and France. About 60% of Grapevine visitors are from 25 to 46 years old, and 25% are older than 46. 830,000 visits to the site were from people known as "in-market" for the tourism industry. This means that their search and visit history on the site indicates they are comparing prices and are prepared to spend money for air travel, tourism and accommodation through the internet.

Rates and sizes

2015 stats

  • 3 million visits

  • 1,4 million visits from North America and the United Kingdom

Grapevine Partnership

- Want to be big, be big on our site Custom ads available, for example using the website’s background and border areas. Limited time for maximum impression, up to a week. Minimum size 970x200px.

Minimum size Price Duration Placement
970X200 px 150.000 ISK Week front page, subcategories, pages

Grapevine Premium Ads

- Choose banner at good placements Sizes: 300x600, 970x200px or 800x600px. All advertisers turn in 300x250px for mobile. One size submitted by the advertiser, a maximum of three ads are rotated in the space available. Targeted ads available.

Impressions 970x90px 800x600px 300x600px Approx. Duration
70.000 + 110.000 ISK 75.000 ISK 98.000 ISK month
210.000 + 99.000 ISK 67.500 ISK 91.000 ISK three months
420.000 + 85.000 ISK 56.250 ISK 77.000 ISK six months
840.000 + 71.500 ISK 48.750 ISK 63.000 ISK one year

Grapevine Standard Ads

- Be everywhere around the site Sizes: 300x250 and 480x320 px. Both sizes submitted by the advertiser, a maximum of nine ads are then rotated in the spaces available around the site.

Impressions Mobile (per month) Price (per month) Approx. Duration
40.000 + 35.000 ISK 40.000 ISK month
120.000 + 31.500 ISK 36.000 ISK three months
240.000 + 29.750 ISK 34.000 ISK six months
480.000 + 26.250 ISK 30.000 ISK one year

Native Advertising

Hér er átt við kostað efni af auglýsendum sem við útbúum svo það verði vinsælt á vefnum og tengist auglýsandanum beint. Verði “viral” eins og sagt er, vef færslur sem nýta tæknina sem okkar vefimiðill býður uppá. Þetta geta til dæmis verið myndagellerí með stuttum texta sem gaman er að renna í gegnum, örstutt myndbönd - sem fólki finnast sniðug og deila með tengslaneti sínu á samfélagsmiðlum, spurningaleikir (quiz) sem eru unnir upp úr fróðleik um viðfangsefnið, eða listagreinar með einhvers konar upplýsingum sem gert er ráð fyrir að lesandinn vissi ekki um (dæmi: 5 things you didn’t know about elfs) og með slíkum uppfærslum fylgja oftar en ekki ljósmyndir með myndatexta.

Við bjóðum upp á fjórar mismunandi miðlanir í þessum flokki; skrifuð færsla, myndagallerí, myndband eða gagnvirkur leikur. Markmiðið er að framleiða efni á síðuna fyrir auglýsendur sem við teljum að falli best að okkar lesendum.

Leið Verð
Myndagallerí 200.000 ISK
Spurningaleikur 200.000 ISK
Grein með myndum 230.000 ISK
Myndband 300.000 ISK

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Apps Advertising

Appy Hour

Appy hour is a free app for iOS and Android that contains an up to date list of all happy hours for bars in down town Reykjavík. Þar má komast að því hvenær þau byrja og hvar þau eru, hvað bjór kostar og léttvínsglas á meðan happy hour er í gangi. There are two options for advertisers, a sponsor that's visible in all menus and an increased visability for bars in menus. Svo er festing efst í lista fyrir bari í valmyndum. Users are about 35-40 thousand.


The app suggests a restaurant, with information on location, the phone number, with a short review based on a former full review in the Reykjavík Grapevine.

App Type Price (per month) Visability Placement
Appy hour Sponsor 100.000 ISK Logo Splashscreen, menus and above restaurants
Appy hour Sponsored by 40.000 ISK Increased visability Menus
Craving Sponsor 100.000 ISK Logo Splashscreen, menus and above restaurants

Print media kit

The Reykjavík Grapevine is an English language magazine and its main goal is to remain a reliable and trusted source of information and entertainment for tourists, expatriates and anyone else who is interested in reading up on local social issues, culture and the arts. The magazine is published twenty one times a year, and is distributed for free all over the country. Due to our excellent distribution network and dedicated readership, The Reykjavík Grapevine is by far the Icelandic tourist market's most prevalent publication.


  • Our goal is to distribute to every single location that services tourists and travellers (directly and indirectly) - thus reaching them all.
  • The Grapevine is distributed to over 1,000 locations all over Iceland.
  • It is distributed to over 600 locations in the greater Reykjavík area.


  • Tourist information centres
  • Tourist attractions.
  • Kiosks and stores.
  • Cafés and restaurants.
  • Hotels and guesthouses.
  • Swimming pools and museums.
  • Car rentals.
  • At domestic airports all over the country.
  • At the Keflavík international airport in the arrival hall, in the baggage claim hall and around the duty free area
  • All rooms of Center Hotels, Radison 1919, Hótel Holt, Hótel Leifur Eiríksson, Apartment K, Kex Hostel and Hringhótels
  • All rented cars from Go Car Rental



The Reykjavík Grapevine is first and foremost a tourist magazine. It is designed to guide and assist tourists, and its articles are written to provide tourists with an insight into Iceland's cultural life and national spirit. According to a survey conducted at Keflavík international airport, 33% of tourists that left the country from January through April had read The Reykjavík Grapevine during their stay.

38% of people surveyed from the United States had read The Reykjavík Grapevine and 45% of Britons in the group had read The Reykjavík Grapevine. Combined, these two groups make up half the foreign visitors to Iceland during the winter months.


There have never been as many New Icelanders residing in the country as today. They read the Grapevine to follow their own affairs, the local cultural life and to participate in and contribute to the local discourse. In the beginning of 2013 there were around 30,000 New Icelanders.


The Grapevine's fresh and uncompromising stance on covering local events and culture, along with its wide distribution network, ensures the magazine is very popular among Icelanders. According to a Gallup poll from March of 2008, 21.1% of Icelanders in their thirties read the magazine regularly.

Pricing and Ad-space Sizes

Four page insert 450.000 kr. 528x395mm Centre paper
Spread 300.000 kr. 528x395mm Undisclosed
Back page 300.000 kr. 192x298mm Back page
Whole page A 245.000 kr. 254x395mm Page 3
Whole page A 235.000 kr. 254x395mm Page 5
Whole page A 225.000 kr. 254x395mm Page 7
Whole page A 215.000 kr. 254x395mm Page 9
Whole page A 195.000 kr. 254x395mm Undisclosed
Half page B 120.000 kr. 254x195mm Undisclosed
Back page 105.000 kr. 254x55mm Back page
Centre spread 80.000 kr. 254x50mm Centre spread
Quarter page D 75.000 kr. 254x95mm Undisclosed
1/1 banner E 100.000 kr. 99x395mm Undisclosed
1/2 banner F 60.000 kr. 99x195mm Undisclosed
1/4 banner G 39.500 kr. 99x95mm Undisclosed
3/20 box H 90.000 kr. 151x195mm After centre
3/10 box I 50.000 kr. 151x95mm Undisclosed
1/10 box J 32.500 kr. 46,5x95mm Undisclosed
Back page box K 50.000 kr. 65x40mm Back page


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